When it comes to protecting the Southern Highland’s beautiful natural environment residents have another alternative to landfill. Bowral Waste Centre recovers as much waste as possible by sending these resources to a licensed recycling facility, Benedict Recycling, for further recycling. With their extensive recycling network Benedict can recycle more than 82% of waste – which means less landfill. This is great news for locals wanting to reduce their impact on the environment and have as much of their waste recycled as possible. In the last 5 years, Benedict Recycling has transformed more than 2,550,000 tonnes of disposed waste into quality recycled materials for the construction and landscaping industries.

The re-opening of the site, which is now under the new management, Bowral Waste Centre is proudly owned by two Australian Family Businesses, Benedict Recycling and Aussie Industries. With over 50 years cumulative waste industry experience we’re excited to bring our tried and true best practices to Bowral and the Southern Highlands community.

What’s important to note about the Bowral Waste Centre is that we do not accept household rubbish, otherwise known as putrescible waste, sewage sludge , or any other odorous wastes. We do accept construction and demolition waste, local asbestos and greens waste, although any greens waste received is not landfilled but exported for recycling. We sort through all construction and demolition waste received and recover as much of this waste as possible and send it to other licensed recycling facilities for further processing and we work closely with Council and EPA to ensure that we meet all of our License and Consent conditions.

Responsible resource recovery supports the economy, creates jobs and a sustainable future.