Bowral Waste Centre (BWC) would like to provide an update on our site. As you would be aware, the odour issue has been resolved since the end of last year with no odour detected onsite or in the surrounding streets and, more importantly, BWC has not received any complaints during this time either. We are very pleased with this outcome (we worked hard to make this happen) and we trust that our neighbours are too.

This successful outcome has been achieved by mainly two things: Much more cover material and our new flare operating continuously onsite. The new system is specially built for our site conditions and has been running consistently since the end of last year. Our fully operational system combined with monitoring allows us to keep an eye on the landfill and determine if any changes are occurring (before impacts are noticed) and thus if we need to adjust the system, we do so accordingly to prevent and minimise any odour generation. We are pleased to report that the landfill gas generation is now stable, and the flare comfortably copes with them at 55% capacity.

BWC is continuing to only take local wastes (as we always have) from our local community, being the only landfill in the Shire area.

We are continually looking for ways to improve operations onsite and have recently applied spray grass on the landfill batter. Once the grass grows and matures, it provides many benefits including helping to reduce odours onsite, stabilising the batter, and improving the onsite appearance – it looks good too (photo attached)!  We water the grass with our leachate, and it is thriving.

As always, if you have any feedback, we invite you to email directly to:

or contact Rod the Site Manager on 0498 027 727.