Bowral Waste Centre (BWC) has progressed with a long-term solution for the current odour issue.

The landfill gas specialist contractors have visited site and developed a plan to collect and neutralise landfill gases as a long-term solution. These works will begin on 12/07/2021. It is expected the system will be fully operational by the 23/07/2021 – 11 days later.  Within a few days of completion, we expect a permanent cure to the odour issue.

The site was inspected again on the 05/07/2021 by Council and EPA. They agreed, BWC has taken all necessary steps so far and the works and programs put in place to date are satisfactory. Everyone understands that until the long-term solution is implemented and operational, the odour issue will not be completely resolved.

Once again, Bowral Waste Centre apologises for this inconvenience and continues to work closely with Council and EPA to ensure that all License and Consent conditions are followed.

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