This week at Bowral Waste Centre (BWC) the landfill gas specialist contractors have progressed their works at our site – installing the long-term solution for the odour issue. These works have caused the increased odour detection this week and last week.

Thankfully, the odour issue will be completely resolved when this long-term solution is implemented and fully operational.

To date the gas wells have been installed in the landfill, trenches dug and pipework laid. The trenches will be covered by the end of business today and the pipework will be all connected to the final manifold by the end of this week. These works have progressed along well and as expected. This piping system will extract the gas from the landfill and take it to a collection point where it will be neutralised. This neutralisation point is a mobile flare.

The mobile flare will be one small flare which will not be visible to anyone off-site and is no more offensive than a BBQ without the smoke or a gas outdoor heater. After a month or two the flare is expected to be required intermittently as our landfill is very small with a lot of inorganics.

As outlined in our previous media release on 15th July, 2021 it was expected the system would be fully operational by Friday 23rd July. Unfortunately, our landfill gas specialist contractors are having issues with the supply of our flare(the flare is trapped on the Woodlawn Landfill site in Goulburn) and the system will not be fully operational by the 23rd July, 2021. The gas contractors fully understand the urgency of getting our flare installed.

Please be assured the landfill gas specialist contractors are working urgently to get the final piece of the system delivered to site and installed. Within a few days of completion, a permanent cure to the odour issue is expected.

Bowral Waste Centre apologises for this inconvenience and will continue to work closely with Council and EPA to ensure that all License and Consent conditions are followed.

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