Bowral Waste Centre (BWC) understands the concern in the community regarding increased odour detection at our Kiama Street site. We have engaged an independent odour specialist who has been to site and collected the scientific data to ascertain the exact cause and thus what the recommended solution is. BWC is fully committed to implementing a long-term solution.

Immediately, we can confirm that the odour is not sewage related – nor is it Methane.  A methane odour is produced by the decomposition of organics – like food waste (putrescible waste) and vegetation (green waste). It is important to note that BWC does not accept household rubbish, sewage or odorous waste and that all green waste received is recovered and exported for recycling.

During May 2021, Bowral received unprecedented rainfalls and for the first time ever, the BWC site was saturated, and the landfill could not dry out completely. While not confirmed yet, we think that this could be the main cause contributing to the reported odour complaints. As previously stated, BWC is currently finding a permanent solution to this.

Today, BWC has additional earthmoving equipment engaged on site, constructing a layer of cover material on the landfill surface to seek to alleviate the issue.

Bowral Waste Centre sincerely apologises for this inconvenience and will continue to work closely with Council and EPA to ensure that all License and Consent conditions are followed.

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