Bowral Waste Centre (BWC) would like to provide an update on our long-term solution to the odour issue. The new system has been fully operational since the end of August. This system consists of a temporary flare which has to date significantly reduced the odour issue. While it has significantly reduced the odour, it is not perfect yet.

A permanent, superior flare (which destroys gas at a higher throughput) is currently being fabricated to suit our specific landfill gas conditions. Once the temporary flare is replaced and the permanent unit is installed, we are assured that there will be a permanent fix to the odour issue. This flare is due to arrive at the end of October. Until then, the system will continue to operate as it is now.

This week BWC will also be installing a layer of mulch to act as a biofilter in the landfill in certain areas, as an additional measure to supplement the current system in place.

As the operators of the landfill for 2 years now, the sudden appearance of odours from materials accepted and landfilled before our arrival, also surprised us and we acted immediately to get gas experts to respond by installing the gas extraction and flare system. We believe that we have done all that is possible, as quickly as possible, and we would like to thank the residents for your patience and BWC again sincerely apologises for the inconvenience this odour issue has caused.

We would appreciate any feedback from the community around this issue, in particular if you have noticed any change to the existing odour environment.  We invite you to email directly to: