Dear Neighbour,

As per the works described in our media release 2 days ago, we have now completed stripping off the Bio-Filter mulch from our batter and, as suspected, there were a couple of cracks being hidden by the mulch that have now been repaired. We will not re-mulch the batter so that we can now observe the batter’s capping condition daily and in future make any necessary repairs to the capping immediately, to avoid a repeat of the recent odour issues. Also, as suspected, the mulch itself was composting which created hotspots, which in turn created odours. The removed mulch is instead being reused around the site in landscaped areas. As a result of these works, we are now not detecting any odours at the landfill nor in the surrounding streets, but we are seeking feedback confirming that you, our neighbours, are also experiencing this.

We again apologise for the recent odour events, but respectfully note that they arose out of us trying to do the right thing by utilising the Bio Filter mulch (at significant expense), but it caused odour problems and we have removed this covering and are back to pre-mulching conditions with the flare in operation.

We would appreciate any feedback from the community around this issue and we invite you to email directly to:


Ernest Dupere
Bowral Waste Centre