Dear Neighbours,

Bowral Waste Centre has completed its capping works and, at least onsite, we are detecting zero odours. Also, unlike much of what has been reported, we are not receiving waste from Sydney, only local waste and we are the only landfill in the Shire. Furthermore, the comments made about Ibis’ being as a result of our landfill are, with respect, not factual. Ibis are an increasing problem across most urban areas because these “bin chickens” thrive on food waste from open household, parkland, and commercial waste bins. As per Council’s inspection confirmed yesterday, we do not have them (or rats) anywhere on our site because they are not attracted to plastics, gyprock, paper, timber, bricks, tile, concrete, soil, and the like which makes up the waste stream that we receive. We inspect every load before and after tipping off in the recycling area for odorous and food wastes. Only if the material is acceptable do we then take it down to the landfill.

We note that the EPA has installed air quality monitoring pods in certain locations and will give a factual basis for proper analysis rather than rely on hearsay and anecdotal assertions.

Our new purpose built flare will be commissioned shortly which will give us more gas control as well as more completely destroy H2S gases which give that rotten egg smell that we suddenly had a few months ago. It is our understanding that this type of odour is no longer an issue but regardless it will be an improvement.

Last, today the EPA has released a statement that suggests that we have claimed that there is a “low intensity fire within the body of the landfill”. This is not correct. BWC believes that the smoke smell was as a result of the Bio-mulch cover that in the rainy weather conditions over the last 2-3 months was composting and autoigniting and causing smouldering and smoke. That material has been completely removed from the landfill surface and in cracks in the capping more than 3 days ago and there is no apparent smoke anywhere onsite. Please let us know what you think because we genuinely are not smelling any odours onsite.

Should you wish to make a report or contact BWC regarding this matter please email directly to:

Thank you,

Rod Johnston, Alycia Campbell and the BWC team.